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DJ Terminology

Posted on: 16-Mar-2018 19:59:50

Do you ever listen to someone talking about DJing and music? Does it make you wonder what on Earth they’re going on about? You may want to learn the language! Mobile DJs can help you and your guests have an amazing time, full of dancing and fun. Here at Capital Nightlife, this is our goal. But first… you should learn some of the terminology in order to impress your friends.

BPM - This is the abbreviation of “Beats per minute”. It’s used to describe the speed of the song: 140 BPM is considered fast and 49 BPM is considered very slow. Modern music tends to be of a faster tempo, although slower ballads are still found.

Cue - This is the point that the DJ chooses for the track to start playing. If a song starts slow and the party needs to be more upbeat… they can start at the best part for mixing and dancing!

Backspin - This is the term for when a DJ, well… spins the record backwards! This creates a cool warp effect in the audio (for an analogue system).

Beat match - Here, the DJ will set two songs to the same speed and ensure that they transition smoothly so that it doesn’t sound “off”.

Balance Control - This is a control which adjusts the balance between the left and right of the sound.

DJ - Of course, you know what a DJ is (since you’re here, on Capital Nightlife’s site…) but it’s short for Disc Jockey. There’s a fun fact for you!

MIDI -  A signal that allows instruments to communicate with each other.

Acapella - A song/track with only vocals.

Booth - Where the DJ plays their music from.

DVS - Digital Vinyl System.

Now you understand a few of the terms used by DJs! You can use them to either impress your friend as your mobile DJ keeps the party going or simply to sound fancy and knowledgeable throughout your music-filled days!   

James Fisher

DJ, Mobile Disco for all occasions throughout Essex

With over 20 years experience James will have everyone up on their feet dancing the night away!

"You seemed to have the dancefloor filled almost 100% of the time"
Roger Coulson (Civil Partnership)

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