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Capital Nightlife DJ FAQs

How do I know the kind of music will you play?

We'll have a discussion about this well in advance of the party to determine what's best for you, and for keeping that dance floor busy! We have everything from current chart to those old favourites, plenty of floor fillers for every age group.

Can we send you a list of songs to play?

We offer a complete playlist service which means, unlike a lot of DJs out there, you can send an unlimited playlist and we'll guarantee to play them all - though we do recommend you leave your DJ a little scope to 'read the room'.

Do you take requests from guests?

We're always happy to take requests on the night - if you give the go-ahead of course! And we carry tens of thousands of tracks so we hardly ever get asked for a song that we don't have. Even if we don't - it's just a download away!

Should we be concerned about the volume?

We understand that there's a fine line between an appealing dance floor, and not being able to hear yourself think, let alone hold a conversation. That's why we make sure volume levels are appropriate for the party, and we can always adjust the volume at the touch of a button should the need arise.

What if we don't want the DJ to talk too much?

All of our DJs know the appropriate amount of crowd participation and will stick to pre-agreed announcements and a little dance floor encouragement. We'll also discuss this when you book, to get the ideal amount of interaction for you.

Will our DJ be dressed smartly?

Yes. We always dress smartly and for weddings and other more formal events we will wear a suit, or even a tuxedo if appropriate. Smart/casual is also an option for less formal parties and events.

Do you provide lights with the disco?

Absolutely. All of our DJs have an imoressive light show to cover any size dance floor. Combining par-cans (spots), spins, and lasers for the perfect combination, and to create a vibrant atmosphere.

How do we book and pay?

Once you've confirmed you'd like to book us, we send you a detailed email that includes our banking information so that you can pay a deposit - we'll let you know the amount before you agree to book. Once we receive the deposit we'll send you back the booking confirmation/receipt, you're then officially booked in. We can then start planning your event to perfection, including your playlist and all other important details to make your event truly special. The balance is payable no later than 7 days before the event date, we'll provide you with a receipt.

Do you carry public liability insurance?

Yes, all of our DJs have public liability insurance of a minimum £10 million. We're happy to share these details with your venue.

Is your DJ equipment PAT tested?

Yes, all of our equipment is PAT tested each and every year.

Do you have a back-up solution if problems arise?

We always carry spare equipment in the unlikely event of equipment malfunction. And in the unlikely event of illness, injury or vehicle breakdown, we always have a like-for-like back-up DJ available to step in.

How big are the DJ set-ups?

The DJ set-ups range from small to very large, something for every size venue. When we discuss the booking we'll know what's appropriate, and can always check with the venue to make sure we choose the right rig.

Concerned about being let down at the last minute?

We've never let anyone down in over 20 years and we don't intend to start now! Every effort is made to make sure your DJ attends as planned, and punctually. We never cancel bookings that offer to pay us more for the same date, once you're booked, you're booked!

We hope that the FAQs above go some way in helping to allay any concerns you may have, but if not please feel free to email us at or why not call us on 07903 460019 for a no-obligation and friendly chat about your requirements.

James Fisher

DJ, Mobile Disco for all occasions throughout Essex

With over 20 years experience James will have everyone up on their feet dancing the night away!

"You seemed to have the dancefloor filled almost 100% of the time"
Roger Coulson (Civil Partnership)

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