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The Best-Selling Songs in the UK

Posted on: 16-Mar-2018 20:01:16

There are some songs which are considered “iconic”. No matter how old they get, they’re always considered classics. You may want to consider requesting some of these at your mobile disco! Your DJ at Capital Nightlife will give you a sheet beforehand, so you can choose the songs that you want. Do you recognise these songs? And do you think they’ll be a request that you’ll make at your party?

  1. Candle in the Wind by Elton John.

    This song came out in 1997 and peaked in the charts at 1. It also peaked in the best-selling charts with a staggering 4,920,000 sales! It has over a million more purchases than 2…
  1. Do They know It’s Christmas? by Band Aid.

    Released in 1984, this song will be perfect for a Christmas party with Capital Nightlife. This also peaked in the charts at 1 but had a few less sales than Candle in the Wind- 3,750,000 have been sold since release.
  1. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

    Released in 1975. This is one of the older songs on our list. This song was purchased 2,440,000 times (just over a million less than Do They know it’s Christmas?).
  1. Mull of Kintyre by Wings.

    This song came out in 1977 and has sold 2,080,000 copies since that date!
  1. You’re the one that I want by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.

    Released in 1978, this song has been bought 2,050,000 times.
  1. Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

    This song has been sold 2,030,000 times since it came out in 1984!
  1. Rivers of Babylon by Boney M.

    Released in 1978, 2,020,000 copies of this tune have been purchased.
  1. She Loves You by The Beatles.

    The oldest song on our list, coming out in 1963! Do you think you’ll be requesting this at your Mobile Disco? This song has been purchased 1,930,000 times since its release.


So here are the 8 songs that have been purchased the most in the UK! Do you own any of these?

Capital Nightlife allows you to make requests for your songs whilst booking and there will be an opportunity to ask your DJ to play your favourites throughout the night. Will any of these tunes be used to fuel the dancefloor?

James Fisher

DJ, Mobile Disco for all occasions throughout Essex

With over 20 years experience James will have everyone up on their feet dancing the night away!

"You seemed to have the dancefloor filled almost 100% of the time"
Roger Coulson (Civil Partnership)

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