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Different Types of DJ

Posted on: 04-Apr-2018 17:21:34

Mobile DJs

Mobile DJs (such as Capital Nightlife) travel to the venue of the customer’s choice. They take requests from guests both beforehand and during the party: whether you need a DJ for your wedding, party or school disco… a mobile DJ will be available. They’re more approachable than club DJs, which can make them the ideal choice for your personal events.

Radio DJs

Radio DJs operate at radio stations. They can be announcers in between songs, host the radio show or play live (at times). They tend to play the Top 40s (which the crowd prefers) on air and give an insight into the music played.

Club DJs

Club DJs tend to establish themselves at specific spots. These venues are based at nightclubs and they perform at regular dates. They’re less approachable than Mobile DJs and will play a specific genre of music depending on the area.


Turntablists are DJs which remix songs and use scratching to warp the sound. They perform live and usually compete in competitions. Often, they follow a routine with the music that they play.

Music Producers

Unlike a Radio DJ, Music Producers won’t play based off a list. They can help artists record their albums or songs and also assist in remixing. They make music and put it together electronically: a studio is no longer needed thanks to modern technology.

James Fisher

DJ, Mobile Disco for all occasions throughout Essex

With over 20 years experience James will have everyone up on their feet dancing the night away!

"You seemed to have the dancefloor filled almost 100% of the time"
Roger Coulson (Civil Partnership)

Areas local to Chelmsford, Essex

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