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6 songs that have spent the most time at #1

Posted on: 31-Mar-2018 10:01:49

In the charts, songs that are at #1 tend to be the most popular. The time that they remain there varies: it could be 1 day or up to 18 weeks. They’ve left their spot now but are still remembered: will you request any of these from your Capital Nightlife Mobile DJ?

  1. “I Believe” by Frankie Laine. The oldest song on this list, in the top 40s in 1953. It remained at #1 for a staggering 18 weeks!
  1. “(Everything I do) I do it for you” by Bryan Adams. This song rose to fame in 1991 and charted for 16 weeks!
  1. “Love is all around” by Wet Wet Wet. Released in 1994, this song was at the top spot for 15 weeks. 
  1. “One Dance” by Drake. One of the more recent songs on this list (coming out in 2016), this song charted for 15 weeks. 
  1. “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen. This song charted twice in both 1975 and 1991. It charted for 14 weeks.
  1. “Shape of you” by Ed Sheeran. The most recent song on this list, being released in 2017. It held its #1 spot for 14 weeks.

Although they no longer hold their spot at the top of the charts, they’re still memorable. When you hire your Mobile DJ, do you think any of these tunes will be on your request list?

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